DCImanager Administrator




Documentation for DCImanager 5 (the previous generation of the control panel) is available by the link.

About product

DCImanager is a platform for managing equipment in data centers. It performs the following functions:

  • manages servers located in different data centers;
  • deploys operating systems from templates on servers;
  • diagnose the server for errors before issuing it to the client;
  • manages network equipment;
  • provide clients access to BMC through proxying;
  • controls how many devices are added in a data center.

Product operation logic

Read more about operational logic in the article DCImanager structure.

Demo and Trial

Save your time and schedule a demo with our experts.

During the demo, we will:

  • show you the product in action,
  • tell about the best use cases for other companies from your industry,
  • answer your product and technical questions.

It will take around 30 - 60 minutes. After the demo, you will be able to test DCImanager.

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