The Server profiles module is available only in DCImanager 6 Infrastructure.

The module is only available for VEGMAN servers connected to BMC via Redfish.

The Server profiles module allows the platform administrator to:

  • set common parameters for a group of servers;
  • monitor servers for compliance with a specific set of settings.

You can customize and monitor:

  • hardware configuration;
  • BMC host name;
  • domain name server;
  • synchronization with a time server;
  • SSL certificates;
  • BMC users.

Installing the module

To install the Server profiles module, click the icon in the right menu → ModulesServer profilesInstall.

Managing profiles

To open the Server profiles module window, click ServersProfiles. On the Profiles tab, you can view and customize existing server profiles and add new ones.

To create a new profile:

  1. In the Profiles window, click the Create profile button.
  2. Fill in the fields:
    1. Profile name.
    2. Server model: Select from the drop-down list or enter your own value.
    3. Note: Optional.
  3. Save the profile:
    • click Create and go to settings to go to the profile settings;
    • click Create to save the profile without additional settings.

To change the settings of an existing profile, select a profile →  menu → Settings.

To delete a profile, select a profile →  menu → DeleteDelete.

Configuring a profile

Profile settings are divided into tabs:

  • Basic parameters;
  • Network Settings;
  • Local BMC Users;
  • Servers.

Basic parameters

The tab contains general profile parameters and parameters of its display in the platform interface.

Profile name: a mandatory field. Profile name must be unique within a location.

Hardware configuration: allows to monitor whether the hardware configuration of the profile servers corresponds to the specified one.

Server model: required field. Determines to which server model the profile can be applied. Each profile can be applied to servers of only one model.

Note: displayed in the list of server profiles.

Network settings

The tab contains general network settings for profile servers.

BMC host name: sets a common BMC host name for all profile servers.

DNS server: IP address of the domain name server to which the profile servers will access.

Server Time: allows you to set the same time and date on all profile servers.

To customize the time that will be set on the profile servers:

  1. Activate the Server time switch.
  2. Select Synchronize with NTP server or Configure as per the location server. If you selected Synchronize with NTP server, enter the IP address or domain name of the time server.

SSL Certificates: allows you to upload HTTPS or LDAP certificates to the profile servers.

To add an SSL certificate:

  1. Activate the SSL Certificates switch.
  2. Click Add SSL Certificate. The Add SSL Certificate window opens.
  3. Select the type of certificate: HTTPS certificate or LDAP certificate.
  4. Copy the contents of the SSL certificate's public key in pem, crt, or cer format.
  5. Copy the contents of the SSL Certificate Private Key in key format.
  6. If you are using an SSL Certificate Chain, copy the contents of the chain file. If the chain consists of two files, enter the intermediate certificate first, and then, from a new paragraph and without a space, the root certificate.
  7. Click Add.

Local BMC users

On the tab, you can specify users who will be able to connect to BMC profile servers.

To add a BMC user:

  1. Activate the Local BMC Users switch.
  2. Click Add a BMC user.
  3. Check the users that should be able to connect to the BMC.
  4. If the desired user is not in the list, click Add a new BMC user.
  5. Click Add.


On the tab, you can manage the list of profile servers.

To select servers to apply the profile:

  1. Click Add Servers.
  2. Check the desired servers.
  3. Apply the changes:
    • click Save settings and apply to servers to add servers to the profile and apply profile settings to them;
    • click Save without applying to servers to add servers to the profile but not apply profile settings to them.

After applying the profile to the servers, DCImanager 6 will monitor whether the servers' parameters match those specified in the profile.

BMC users

You can manage BMC user records in a separate tab. To do this, click ServersBMC Users.

To create a new BMC user:

  1. Click Add a BMC User.
  2. Enter the BMC username.
  3. Enter the Password.
  4. Select the user's role: User, Operator, or Administrator.
  5. From the Profile drop-down menu, select which profile servers the user can connect to.
  6. Click Add.

To change the settings of an existing BMC user, select a user →  menu → Edit.

To delete a BMC user, select a user →  menu → Delete.

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