A server is the main physical unit of the platform. DCImanager 6 enables you to keep track of servers, manage their statuses and connected devices. 

To add a server: 

  1. Go to Servers Add server:
  2. Enter a server Name.
  3. Select server Platform or add a new one.
  4. To add a rack server, select Rack and Unit number in the rack, where the server is located.
  5. To add a blade server:
    1. Enable Blade server.
    2. Select Blade server platform or add a new one.
    3. Select the Rack, in which the server is located.
    4. Select the Chassis, in which the server is installed, or add a new one. To add a new chassis:
      1. Go to Chassis → Add chassis.
      2. Enter an arbitrary unique chassis Name.
      3. Select the Slot number for blade servers installation.
      4. Select the chassis Size in units. It can be a multiple of 0.5.
      5. Select the Unit number, in which the chassis is located.
      6. Press Create.
    5. Select the Slot in chassis, in which the server is installed.
  6. Enter the server MAC-address
  7. Select server Owner.
  8. Enter a Note. Eg. you can describe server's errors. 
  9. Specify the BMC connection settings (optionally):
    1. BMC Type
    2. BMC access IP address
    3. BMC Web-interface URL.
    4. User name.
    5. Password.
  10. Select how to allocate IP addresses: 
    • Automatically IPv4:

      1. Select IP address or Subnet. Specify a Prefix for subnet.
      2. Select or create a pool of IP addresses that DCImanager 6 will use to allocate IPs; 

        1. Press Create a pool.
        2. Enter a Pool name
        3. Specify the IP range of the pool. You can enter a single IP address (""), a mask ("") or a range ("").
        4. Enable The pool is accessible on all locations option to allow DCImanager 6 to use IP addresses from this pool in all locations.
        5. To assign addresses from the pool to servers in specific racks, select Racks.
        6. Enter Notes, if needed. They will be displayed in the list of IP pools.
        7. To create a physical network that the range for the pool is allocated from:
          1. Enable the option Create a physical network.
          2. Enter a Network in the following format <network IP address>/<network mask prefix>. E.g. "" or "2001:0db8:85a3:0001::/64".
          3. Enter a Gateway


            The gateway must be one of the network addresses.

          4. Enter Note, if needed.
        8. Click on Create


        You can only assign an IPv6 address after adding the server: Servers → select the server →  menu kebab.pngServer parametersAllocate a new IP address.

    • Manually — enter an IP address or subnet.
  11. Enter the Hostname (a domain). DCImanager 6 will assign it to the server when deploying the operating system.
  12. If the Inventory management module is installed in the platform, you can specify the data for accounting in the warehouse:
    1. Serial number.
    2. Delivery document number.
    3. Delivery date in the format "dd.mm.yyyy".
    4. For equipment with a valid warranty, enable the Part under warranty option and specify the expiration date in the format "dd.mm.yyyy".
  13. Click on Add.


 After you have added the server, connect it to equipment manually. Learn more in Configuring server connections


DCImanager 6 can automatically search and add servers. Read more in Server auto-add module.