The BMC proxy module allows you to connect to BMC or Intel AMT with internal IP addresses on DCImanager 6 locations. The module consists of the client and server parts. Both parts are docker images. The client part is installed on the server with DCImanager 6, the server part is installed on locations. VNC-connection is established for connecting to a server with the BMC or Intel AMT. You can connect to the BMC web interface or console. For a list of supported hardware, see Supported devices.

For more information please refer to the article BMC proxy module operation.

Module installation

  1. Go to Modules BMC proxy via the location server → click on Install.
  2. Select the Locations where the module will be installed. 

    When selecting a location, also specify the locations where the module has been already installed. Otherwise, the module will be deleted from them.

  3. Enable the option I accept the Terms of use of Java from Oracle(c).
  4. If necessary, enable the Allow working with ISO-images through the BMC web-interface option. The option allows platform administrators to connect uploaded ISO images to the server through the BMC interface. 

    In the current version of the platform, connecting ISO images is available regardless of the option status.

  5. Start the installation process.

Connection to a server

  1. Create connection to the BMC or Intel AMT. Learn more in Configuring server connections.
  2. Go to Servers → click on the server name → Connected devices BMC (Intel AMT).

  3. To connect to:

    1. web-interface — press Go to Use proxy;

    2. console — press Open console.
      If an active BMC or Intel AMT session is open on the server, the platform will offer to connect to it or create a new session.
  4. The BMC (Intel AMT) will open in a new window. If it is blocked, enable pop-up windows from the DCImanager 6 server and in your browser settings. 

    Press Left Ctrl + V to send the clipboard to the BMC (Intel AMT) web-interface.

    Use the Login and Password buttons in the BMC interface to paste login and password.