BILLmanager administrator is a service provider who can use all billing functions. He installs and configures BILLmanager. 

This guide provides details of configuration for such billing system administrators. It describes how to install BILLmanager on a server and start selling different services and guides through the principles of system operation. 

The documentation contains the following sections: 

BILLmanager description  — general information about BILLmanager.

Installation and updates  — describes how to install and update the product correctly. 

Preliminary setup — detailed information about BILLmanager parameters that we recommend to configure right after installation. 

Customization and integration with a website — information about BILLmanager branding settings, integration with a provider's website and configuration of a Shopping window and Live-chat.

Service activation — information about how BILLmanager handles the services ordered by clients and create tariff plans.  

How to sell services via BILLmanager — integrate the billing system with a third-party control panel. The articles are divided by product types. 

Reselling — the tips on how to start reselling services from another provider. 

Finances — principles and features of the billing system that are used for managing client finances.

Documents  — describes tools for automatic generation of different documents. 

Marketing — describes marketing tools that help a service provider to attract new customers and analyze conversion rates.

Support service — set up and manage the support center and ticketing system. 

Notifications  describe different types of notifications in the billing system and how BILLmanager sends them. 

Client area — describes a Client area in BILLmanager 6 interface and BILLmanager 5 interface. 

BILLmanager 6 (out of date) interface configuration — how to upgrade to a new client interface and configure it properly.