BILLmanager Documentation

Customization and integration with a website

This article describes BILLmanager branding mechanisms, website integration, shop-window, and live chat module. 

BILLmanager has built-in branding configuration tools: you can change the color kit, upload your logo, change copyright, and provider's homepage address. 

To sell services through the website, a provider can integrate the billing system with his website. It will allow using service information from BILLmanager on the website pages. If a provider has just started his/her project and doesn't have a website yet, he can use automatic website generation mechanism which is built-in in the billing system. 

Also, there is a free "Live chat" module which allows a provider to create and use the simple and easy-to-use customer communication channel. Live chat can be available on the provider's website, in the billing system interface, and on the shop-window. Support staff can use the work place to chat with customers.