BILLmanager Documentation


This section tells about how you can resell services of another provider by using BILLmanager.

You can use one of the following methods to resell the services of another BILLmanager:

  • By using reselling via BILLmanager. This is the most simple way to resell services. It will only work if both providers use BILLmanager.
  • By using BILLmanager API. If the reseller does not use BILLmanager, he/she can use API of the billing system to order and manage services. Normally, API is used to resell:

This section also will guide you through reselling of ISPsystem modules. E.g. ISPmanager has the section "Modules" where you can upgrade your system with a few extensions. Some modules might be paid, so the user can purchase them right from the interface of ISPmanager. However, ISPmanager itself does not support purchasing operations, so it connects to the billing system to obtain the module.