BILLmanager automates sales and client service.

Platform capabilities:

  • Selling virtual and dedicated servers through integration with other panels via APIs and processing modules;
  • Selling and reselling domains and SSL certificates through integration with a hosting provider that also has BILLmanager and runs a reselling program.
  • Automatic and manual billing;
  • Integrations with payment systems;
  • Ticketing and online chat system for client support;
  • Accounting, integration with 1C and Diadoc;
  • Notification system and FAQ;
  • Resource consumption control.

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Demo and testing

Provider's portal

BILLmanager has the basic functionality of a CRM system, marketing tools and analytical reports. You can segment clients, assign discounts, create mailings and generate reports. Read more.

Provider's demo

Client area

In the client area, clients can order and manage services, communicate with technical support and change settings. The client area interface is designed to maximize the amount and frequency of the provider’s sales Read more.

Client's demo