BILLmanager has a built-in system for sending various notifications. You will receive notifications about newsletters or certain events: answers from tech support, messages about service statuses, notification of an accounting document that has been generated, etc. For example, BILLmanager sends a notification when your personal account runs out of money. Provider employees are also notified of new tickets in the support center.

Configuring notifications

You can select multiple channels and types of notifications in your profile under User Settings. Depending on the settings of your hosting provider, it may be possible to send notifications:

  • via email;
  • via SMS messages to your cell phone;
  • via a messenger. In the current version, it is Telegram;
  • via the notification menu in BILLmanager.

The billing system contains ready-made templates for email notifications. Notification templates via SMS, Telegram and notification menus are created by the provider himself.

When selecting notifications via a messenger:

  1. Enter your Telegram login (without @).
  2. Confirm the changes. Press Ok.
  3. Send the hosting provider’s bot your /start message. Hover over the tooltip next to the Telegram field to find out the bot's name.

All the notifications you receive to your email are duplicated in your client area. You can view the email message at any time in the BILLmanager interface. These notifications are also available to all connected trusted users.


You can write to the support service via Telegram, if the provider has connected the work with clients' appeals via messenger.

To write to the provider:

  1. Go to ClientUser SettingsConfiguring operation via Telegram block.
  2. Activate the Enable interaction with technical support option.
  3. Write to the provider's bot from the Support list.