The billing platform can be installed on a virtual or dedicated server that meets the system requirements. In this article, you can read about the installation process.

License activation

License types are described in "Software licensing policy".

A trial license is activated automatically after you have installed BILLmanager on the server. You don't need to order a license. 

If you want to use a commercial version you first need to purchase the license. Specify the public IP address of the server where the control panel will be installed.

If the server runs behind the NAT and IP address is assigned to its network interface, the BILLmanager license will be activated during the installation. Read more about the IP-address for the license.


If the server is located behind NAT or the license doesn't have IP-address or the IP-address is not on the server interface, then you must activate the license using the activation key.


The installation script will install BILLmanager and additional software applications the billing platform needs: 

  • the database server  — MariaDB;
  • the web-server — ihttpd;
  • the platform for JavaScript — Node.js.

SELinux will be disabled to allow for the correct installation of the billing platform. 


Before you start, check that wget is installed on the server.

Installation steps: 

  1. Connect to the server via SSH with the superuser permissions (root). 
  2. Download the installation script:

    wget -O
  3. Start the script:

    1. Execute the following command to install the latest version of the platform:

      sh BILLmanager
    2. To install a specific platform version, run with the --release parameter. The version number is specified in the format described in the changelog, e.g., 6.64.0.

      sh --release <version> BILLmanager
  4. Select a version:
    1. stable — a stable version which used to be in the beta-testing phase and now is successfully released.
    2. beta — a version with the latest updates, however still in the beta-testing phase.
      The installation script will connect two ISPsystem repositories: ispsystem-base.repo is used for installing additional software, ispsystem.repo is used for installing ISPsystem control panels.
To configure BILLmanager please log in to the web interface.