After installing the billing platform, you need to perform its initial setup. The initial setup wizard is used for this purpose. It consists of three steps:

  • mandatory settings for the server and the provider;
  • additional settings for the system administrator profile;
  • creating a company.

The company and provider parameters specified through the initial setup wizard will be used to pre-configure the billing platform. By preliminary setup we mean the process of automatic configuration of some sections of the billing platform (such as: localizations, document templates, etc.).

Step 1.Mandatory settings

You can start working with BILLmanager after completing the setup at this step.

Server settings

Server name — specify the domain name of the server in format.

Time zone — specify the time zone in which the server will work.

Update software automatically — select the platform update level:

  • do not update;
  • update ISPsystem products;
  • update all system packages.

Provider settings

Provider name — the name of the provider under the brand of which services will be provided to clients. Available to change at any time, on the  Provider Management page: ProviderProviders.

Billing system URL — a public URL of the billing platform web interface. Used to host the storefront (if enabled) and for the storefront to interact with the billing platform. From this URL, the client can get to the authorization page in the system. Also, this address can be used in notifications sent to clients. Web interface authentication

Country — this field specifies the country of operation. Depending on the selection, presets for currencies, localizations, documents, etc. will be connected. You can change the selection later, but you will have to redefine all the settings defined by the wizard.

Currency — used for settlements with customers, a monetary unit. Within a single provider, all settlements will take place in that currency. It can be changed and personal accounts will be added for all users using the new currency. Customers registered with the panel prior to the shift will retain an account using the original currency. If there are active payments or expenses in the system, the currency change function will be blocked. 

You need to set the correct currency for the provider right away. We do not recommend changing the currency after exiting the Initial Setup Wizard. 

Default language — according to the selected value, the system will assign a default localization. This will change the default localization and default plug-in document templates (if the required language is available in the panel).

Step 2. Additional settings

An administrator account is required to work with BILLmanager, so the fields are filled with default values. You can skip this step and complete the initial setup.

Login — specify the account login for logging into the system.

Password and password confirmation — set a password for the account.

Full name —  the personal full name of the account owner.

Email — Specify the email address to which notifications will be sent.

Access to the control panel — select a rule for access from IP addresses.

  • from any IP;
  • only with IPs from the list - specify the list of IPs that will have access to the platform.

Pay attention. Incorrectly specified IP addresses may result in loss of access to the platform.

Link the session to the IP address — enable the option to allow the administrator account to be used only from the address that the user had at the time of registration in the system.

You can change the system administrator profile settings later under ProviderStaff → select an administrator profile → click Edit. Or under the administrator profile, go to SettingsUser Settings.

Step 3. Creating a company

For correct generation of documents after the initial setup is completed, fill in additional data under ProviderCompanies.

Legal status — depending on the specified value, the system will load a specific set of document templates and define the required legal data fields. After completing the Initial Setup Wizard, changing the legal status will not be available through the panel interface. If an incorrect field value has been selected, a new company with a suitable legal status will have to be created.

Name — enter the name of the company.