COREmanager is a unified framework on which basis ISPsystem 5th generation software products are built. Using the capabilities of the framework, you can supplement the existing functionality or change its behavior.

ISPsystem products based on COREmanager:

ISPsystem products based on COREmanager in EOL:

COREmanager is the core for these products and handles the following typical software tasks:

  • event system;
  • planning system;
  • system of access rights;
  • work with databases;
  • work with configuration files;
  • libraries that interact with external services;
  • framework of the graphical web interface and reports;
  • cross-platform web server;
  • API programming interface.

COREmanager allows you to write your modules in any convenient language. For example PHP, Perl, Python or even bash. But you get the most flexibility if you use the native COREmanager language, C ++. You can create your own product based on COREmanager.

The documentation contains the following sections:

Setup and configuration — algorithms for installing and updating COREmanager, a description of the product interface and initial configuration.

ISPsystem licensesinformation about licensing rules, activation and renewal of licenses. Technical details of the licensing system.

Fine-tuning — detailed information on COREmanager setup.

Technical articlesdescription of technical settings: setting up a web server (ihttpd), logging, configuration files, etc.

COREmanager configuration filesection describing the configuration file: parameters, paths and options.

Developer sectioninformation about the principles of working with the control panel API, a description of the parameters of the COREmanager API. Articles describing how to create your own module, report or a new control panel based on COREmanager.

Troubleshootinganswers to frequently asked questions, descriptions of possible problems and their solutions.