VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Creating a cluster

A cluster is a group of servers in a single location. The key feature of such servers (cluster nodes) is their location and high data transfer speed between them. 

Perform the following steps to create a cluster: 

  1. Go to Clusters → Create a cluster.
  2. Enter a cluster Name or press generate
  3. Set the Time zone that will be used for cluster nodes and virtual machines (VMs) by default.
  4. Select the OS that can be installed on virtual machines in the cluster. 
  5. Select the Storage type for VM disks. To edit the default storage settings, press  .


    One cluster can use only one storage type. 

  6. Specify the settings to Connect to the storage Ceph, if you have selected this storage type:

    1. Enter the monitor’s Server address in Ceph cluster.

    2. Enter the Root password to connect to the server, or press I want to use public SSH-key to create the ssh-key. 
    3. Specify the Port for incoming ssh-connections.
    4. Specify the Path to the images directory .
    5. Specify the Path to the OS directory.
  7. Enter the Overselling ratio. Learn more in Overselling
  8. Enter the Speed limit in Mbit/s. It will be the maximum speed for new and existing virtual machines in the cluster. You can change the speed of a certain virtual machine in Virtual machines → click on the VM name → Speed limit
  9. To allow VM owners to connect their own ISO images to the VM, enable the option Users can upload their ISO-images.
  10. Select a IP allocation rules:
    • To cluster a pool is allocated for the cluster, combining blocks of IP addresses from physical networks;

    • To node — a cluster node is assigned subnet of IP addresses. Virtual machines on this node are allocated only the IP addresses from the specified subnet. This subnet routing type does not allow migrating virtual machines to other cluster nodes. Choose this type, if your cluster is located in the data center Hetzner or OVH.

      For more information please refer to the article Assigning IP addresses to cluster nodes.


      If you create a cluster in the data center OVH when preparing the server perform the steps described in the article Server requirements for the cluster.

  11. Enable the Second network interface option to create a cluster with the main and additional network interface. This will allow you to create several network cards in the VM. Read more in Main and additional network.
  12. Select IP pools for the virtual machine. If you have enabled the Second network interface option, specify the Pool for the main network and the Pool for the additional network separately. If you select "To node" IP allocation rule, you don't need to create a pool. Enter IP addresses for the virtual machine when connecting a server.
  13. Enter optional Notes.
  14. Click on Create.

Connect the nodes to the cluster. For more information please refer to the article Managing servers in the cluster.