VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

VMmanager 6 Documentation: Administrator guide

VMmanager is a virtualization control panel. Hosting providers can use it to offer virtual machines to their customers. VMmanager helps web developers, commercial organizations, and other users create isolated virtual machines. 

Main features

An administrator of Vmmanager 6 can perform the following operations: 

  • create virtual machines; 
  • reboot, enable and disable a virtual machine;
  • clone a virtual machine; 
  • create disk images for virtual machines based on the configured server;
  • manage networks;
  • group cluster nodes into logical clusters; 
  • create clusters and add servers into clusters;
  • receive detailed information about every cluster node and virtual machine. 

VMmanager 6 architecture

VMmanager 6 architecture is based on Docker allowing to create and manage containers. A Docker container is an isolated environment where an application is running and the required environment is configured.

A docker image is required for running a docker-container. It defines the processes that will run in a container, its parameters, and environment settings.  E.g. the image can contain an operating system with the pre-installed webserver and corresponding network settings.  It is not possible to change the docker image of a running container. 

VMmanager 6 consists of three docker containers:

  • vm_box — the main container which contains services for the control panel. For example, the user authentication service and the webserver; 
  • graphite — the container with VM and cluster nodes usage statistics;
  • mysql — the MySQL management container.

More information about the VMmanager 6 cluster in the article VMmanager 6 structure.