VMmanager is a virtualization management platform that allows you to:

  • create virtual machines (VMs) from a custom image or based a specific configuration;
  • manage virtual machines via the administrator interface and the self-service portal;
  • automatically prepare nodes for VMs with different network configurations;
  • combine nodes for VMs into high availability clusters;
  • manage IP addresses;
  • create virtual networks (VxLAN);
  • manage guest operating system images;
  • set up integration with the billing system; and
  • monitor the status of cluster nodes and VMs.

Platform versions:

  • VMmanager Hosting — focused on the needs of hosting providers;
  • VMmanager Infrastructure — focused on the needs of IT infrastructure owners.

For more information about versions, see the Licensing article.

Demo and Trial 

Save your time and schedule a demo with our experts.

During the demo, we will:

  • show you the product in action,
  • tell about the best use cases for other companies from your industry,
  • answer your product and technical questions.

It will take around 30 - 60 minutes. After the demo, you will be able to test DCImanager.