This article contains the server requirements for the platform installation. For cluster node requirements, see Server requirements for the cluster.

To ensure the stable operation of VMmanager, we do not recommend using a server with a platform as a cluster node.

Hardware requirements

A server must be physical or virtual based on KVM virtualization.

Server performance requirements depend on the number of virtual machines (VMs) to be created:  

Up to 1500 VMsFrom 1500 to 3000 VMsFrom 3000 to 15000 VMs

CPU2 GHz3 GHz2 GHz3 GHz2 GHz3 GHz
RAM4 GB8 GB8 GB16 GB32 GB64 GB
Disk space*150 GB300 GB300 GB600 GB1 TB2 TB

*requirements for the root partition of the disk

Supported processors are Intel and AMD with x86_64 architecture and SSE4.2 instruction set. Processors with ARM architecture are not supported.

Use only SSD or NVMe drives.

System requirement

Supported operating systems:

  • AlmaLinux 8;
  • CentOS 7 x64;
  • Ubuntu 20.04.

Unsupported operating systems:

  • CentOS Stream;
  • CentOS 8 — you can migrate from CentOS 8 to AlmaLinux 8 OS according to the instructions.

Install the platform on an unmodified installation of the operating system without third-party repositories and additional services. Do not install the software manually.

For the platform to work correctly, do not change the default command prompt greeting in the .bashrc file.

Network settings

Allow incoming connections to ports:

  • 22/tcp — SSH service. This port must be available to all cluster nodes and, if necessary, for the public network;
  • 5900-6900/tcp — QEMU VNC, SPICE. If access is only provided through the server with VMmanager, the range of ports must be open for the network integrating the cluster nodes;
  • 16514/tcp — libvirt virtual machines management service;
  • 49152-49261/tcp — libvirt migration services;
  • 443/tcp — HTTPS.

Do not disable the firewalld service on the server with CentOS 7 OS. Disabling the service can lead to malfunctioning of the platform.

Do not disable the NetworkManager software on the server with AlmaLinux 8. Disabling the software can lead to malfunctioning of the platform.