If the server with VMmanager and cluster nodes do not have direct access to the Internet, you can configure the platform operation through a proxy.

A proxy is an intermediate server or a set of programs that act as an intermediary between VMmanager and the target server on the Internet. Squid, 3proxy, etc. can be used as proxy software.

The platform allows you to specify proxy settings for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP requests. If during the installation of VMmanager proxy settings were specified, these settings will be automatically added to the platform.

To edit proxy settings, enter Proxy settings:

  1. Enter the IP address of the HTTP proxy. This address will be automatically copied in the HTTPS proxy and FTP proxy fields.
  2. Enter the HTTP proxy connection Port.
  3. If the proxy requires authorization:
    1. Press Set up access.
    2. Enter Login and Password.
  4. Specify settings for HTTPS proxy and FTP proxy if necessary.
  5. In the Do not use proxy for field, specify IP addresses and domain names for which you do not want to use a proxy. Values can be entered separated by commas. For example, ".example.com,".


    The platform never uses a proxy to connect to localhost, and ::1.

  6. To check if a proxy is available, press Check settings. VMmanager will display a message about proxy availability.
  7. Press Save.

To disable the use of a proxy, enter Proxy settingsDisable proxy.

Example of proxy settings

For cluster nodes to use proxy settings, enable the Use proxy to access the Internet option when creating or editing the cluster.