To work with networks in DCImanager 6, go to NetworkPhysical networks. In this section, you can:

  • add or remove a physical IPv4 or IPv6 network;
  • change network settings;
  • view the history of actions in the network;
  • reserve an IP address.

How to create a network

Add the existing and configured network. DCImanager 6 does not change network settings.

To create a physical network: 

  1. Go to Network → Physical networks → Create a physical network.
  2. Specify a Network in the following format <network IP address>/<network mask prefix>. E.g. "" or "2001:0db8:85a3:0001::/64".

    Prefix lengths greater than 64 are not supported for IPv6 networks.

  3. Specify a Gateway

    The gateway must be one of the network addresses.

  4. If the network will be used at all locations, enable the option The network is accessible on all locations.
  5. Specify an arbitrary Note to the network.
  6. To create an IP pool:
    1. Select the Create an IP pool and range checkbox. 
    2. Enter a Pool name. 
    3. Specify the IP range from the network that can be used for the pool. You can enter a single IP address (""), a mask ("") or a range ("").
    4. Enable the pool on the cluster nodes. 
  7. Click on Create.

Changing network settings

To change your physical network settings, go to NetworkPhysical networks → select network → menu.pngmenu → Settings.

To delete a physical network, go to NetworkPhysical networks → select network → menu.pngmenu → Delete network.

History of actions in the network

To view the history of actions, go to Network Physical networks → select the network → History. The history page displays information about:

  • adding and removing IP addresses;
  • changing the domain name for the IP address.

Managing IP addresses

To view all IP addresses used, enter NetworksPhysical networks → select the network. You can filter the list of addresses on this tab by IP address or hostname. In the Note column, you can add a comment to the IP address.

You can reserve individual IP addresses in the network. DCImanager 6 will not use these addresses when assigning IP addresses to equipment.

To reserve an IP address, click Assign IP addresses: 

  1. Specify the IP address or subnet.
  2. Specify the Host name.
  3. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the Protect the IP address from accidental deletion option.
  4. Specify a discretionary Note.
  5. Press Apply.