You can set up notifications to platform administrators about the status of equipment. Notifications are sent:

  • in pop-up windows;
  • in the servers table in the Status column;
  • to administrators' emails.

If a notification is created for the server, the server status will change to "Error".

Work logic

The following types of notifications can be set up in DCImanager 6:

ObjectNotification type
Serversone or several errors have been found during diagnostics

view faults and critical component status (DCImanager 6 Infrastructure licenses only) 

Notifications about component problems are created only for servers with BMC Redfish and devices that transmit their health status.

BMC sensors

voltage out of range

temperature out of range

fan speed out of range

Equipment warranty

equipment warranty is expired

Equipment reservation

equipment reservation is expired

BMC sensors notifications

In the notification settings, you set the period of time after which the parameter out of the range is considered critical. The maximum and minimum allowable parameter values are set in the server BMC.

DCImanager 6 periodically polls BMC every five minutes. If the parameter value is out of range, the platform will poll BMC again after the time interval specified in the notification settings. If the parameter value does not return to acceptable values, DCImanager 6 will create a notification. No repeat notifications about this event will be created in the platform.

If the parameter value was out of range for a given time and then returned to normal, DCImanager 6 will create a notification about it.

For example, the platform administrator has configured a setting for the "Temperature out of range for 2 minutes" notification. DCImanager 6 polled the BMC at 12:00 and found the temperature to be higher than normal. In this case, the platform will poll the BMC at 12:02 and, if the temperature remains outside the range, an appropriate notification will be created. DCImanager 6 will continue to poll the BMC every five minutes and, if the temperature drops to an acceptable value, it will create a "Temperature back to normal" notification.

Managing notifications

To configure notifications, enter Notification centerNotification settings.

How to open the notification center

Notification center interface

Creating notification settings

To create settings for a notification:

  1. Click Configure new notifications.
  2. Configure the settings for BMC Servers and sensors:
    1. To customize notifications for specific locations or servers, click change and select the required settings.
    2. Select events for notifications. A separate setting will be created for each event.
  3. Configure the settings for Warranty and reservation:
    1. To customize notifications for specific warehouses, equipment categories, and units, click change and select the required settings.
    2. Select events for notifications. A separate setting will be created for each event.
  4. Select the admins' emails to which notifications will be sent.
  5. Select Telegram chats in the For more information about channels, see the article Sending notifications to Telegram.
  6. Click Create notifications.

Form for creating notification settings

Actions with notification settings

To enable/disable the created settings, click  in the settings line.

To delete settings, click the following in the settings line:  Delete.

To edit settings, click the following in the settings line:  Edit.

To view the notifications generated by DCImanager 6, enter  All notifications.