You can create a script to run on the cluster node. For example, you can use a script on the node to install additional software or to configure network services. The script should be written in sh or as an Ansible playbook. Read more about Ansible in the official documentation. It is possible to run the script manually or set it to run automatically when the node is connected to the cluster.

Ansible playbook must be compatible with Ansible version 2.10.5.

If the script contains a reboot command, the script will be interrupted when the command is executed. The script will not continue running after the reboot.

To create a script:

  1. Enter Scripts For nodes Create a script.
  2. Enter the script's Name.
  3. To automatically run the script on nodes, when they are connected to certain clusters, select the required clusters from the Autorun on clusters list.
  4. Set the script Priority. The priority determines the order in which several scripts are run on the node. The lower the priority value, the earlier the script is executed. The minimum value of the parameter is 0, the maximum value is 999999.
  5. Enter the script's Description.
  6. Select the Script type:
    • Shell script — for scripts in sh;
    • Ansible script — for Ansible playbooks.
  7. Enter the body of the script. To expand the editor window to the full screen, press image2021-2-9_10-6-36.png. To return to the window mode, press image2021-2-9_10-8-30.png.
  8. Press Create to save the script or press Create and run on the nodes to run the script and select the nodes on which the script will be run.

There are two options to run the script manually:

  1. Enter ScriptsFor nodes → select the script → menu Start script → select the nodes → Start on nodes.
  2. Enter Nodes → select the node → MenuStart script → select the script → Start.

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