VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Grafana. General information


VMmanager includes the monitoring visualization system Grafana. Grafana is used to visualize metrics collected from cluster nodes and virtual machines.

With the Grafana information panels (dashboards) you can:

  • configure the display of metrics as charts and graphs;
  • track changes in metrics over time;
  • configure automatic notifications to messengers. Read more in Grafana. Configuring notifications.

Read more about Grafana in the official documentation .

How to open Grafana interface

Grafana's web interface is available at URL https://domain.com/vm/grafana.

domain.com — IP address or domain name of the server with VMmanager

To enter Grafana's web interface from VMmanager:

  1. Click in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Follow the Grafana link.

VMmanager dashboard

VMmanager creates a dashboard in Grafana with cluster node metrics:

Panel name

Graph name



node uptime

load average

average node load

NetworkNetwork traffic

inbound and outbound traffic


input/output operations

Root free space

free disk space


free RAM


CPU load

Example of a graph in VMmanager dashboard

Node cluster metrics have the name in the format: 1.node.<node_id>.<node_metric>.

<node_id> — cluster node id.

<node_metric> — cluster node metric. Examples of values:

  • cpu — CPU load;
  • df.root.free — free space in the disk root section;
  • hdd.<device>.reads — disk section read IOPS. For example, hdd.sda1.reads;
  • hdd.<device>.writes — disk section write IOPS. For example, hdd.sdb1.writes;
  • la.mid — average node load;
  • mem — free RAM;
  • net.<interface>.rx — inbound traffic. For example, net.vmbr0.rx;
  • net.<interface>.tx — outbound traffic. For example, net.vmbr0.tx;
  • uptime — node uptime.


To monitor the required metrics of cluster nodes and virtual machines, we recommend setting up your own dashboard in Grafana. Read more in Grafana. Configuring a user's dashboard.

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