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Platform log files


DCImanager saves information about the operation of services in log files. The data from log files can be used to diagnose the platform operation. Log files are stored in the /var/log directories of docker containers.

Log files list

Main log files on platform server

ContainerFile pathContents
logs of the main DCImanager service
 /var/log/dci_location_check_update.loglogs of the update service for containers at the location. The service starts when the container is restarted and updates the containers at the location, if necessary
/var/log/dci_ansiblectl_location_<location id>.log
logs of creating and configuring a location
dci_consumer_1/var/log/worker_daemon.loglogs of periodic equipment polls and obtaining statistical data
logs of the Integration with PowerDNS module
logs of address space management service
dci_ipmi_proxy_v2_client_1/var/log/ipmi_proxy_goproxy.loggoproxy service logs. The service transmits data to the VNC client and proxies Websocket requests to the VNC server
/var/log/ipmi_proxy_update_checker.loglogs of the update service for BMC proxy module at the location. The service starts each time the container is restarted and updates the module if necessary
migration of objects from DCImanager 5

The platform installation log is saved in the file /opt/ispsystem/dci/install.log.

The log files of the diagnostics operation are listed in the Diagnostics check article.

Main log files on location server

ContainerFile pathContents

/var/log/dci_switch_<id>_handler.loglogs of switch handlers
/var/log/dci_pdu_<id>_handler.loglogs of PDU handlers
/var/log/dci_ipmi_<id>_handler.loglogs of BMC handlers
/var/log/dci_intel_amt_handler.log logs of Intel AMT handlers

<id> — device ID in DCImanager. For example, for the switch with ID 3, the file is called dci_switch_3_handler.log

Working with logs

To view the logs, go to the required container. For example, dci_back:

docker exec -it dci_back sh

Example of working with a log file:

Find out when the switch was polled
cat /var/log/dci_switch_1_handler.log | grep 'Switch status start'
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