DCImanager Administrator

Diagnostics check


You can view the settings and information about the services that are used for diagnostics. Some services run on the server with DCImanager, others — on the location.

Preparing a template

View the log files on the server with DCImanager in the container dci_back:

  • /var/log/dci_1_writer.log — diagnostics operations are logged into this file with the identifier operation_diag;
  • /var/log/dci_operationctl.log — information about the preliminary setup of the diagnostics services.

To go to the container, connect to the server with DCImanager via SSH and execute the command:

docker exec -it dci_back sh


The DHCP-server is installed on the location in the kea_dhcp docker container. Information about this server is logged into the file /var/log/kea-dhcp4.log in the container. The DHСP server configuration file /etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf is available both at the location and in the container. The log level is set with the severity parameter in the loggers sections of the configuration file:

  • NONE — logs are disabled;
  • FATAL — critical events;
  • ERROR — errors that occur when the server runs;
  • WARN — warnings;
  • INFO — all events. This is the default logging level;
  • DEBUG — debugging information. Set a log level in the debuglevel parameter: 0 — the minimum valuе, 99 — the maximum value.

Example of the DHCP-server log
"loggers": [
        "severity": "DEBUG",        
        "debuglevel": 99,
        "name": "kea-dhcp4",
        "output_options": [ { "output": "/var/log/kea-dhcp4.log" } ]


The NFS-server is installed on the location. The list of directories that are passed through NFS is saved in the /opt/ispsystem/dci/etc/exports file.The file is mounted into the/etc/ directory of the nfsd container. The file format corresponds to the standard NFS configuration file.

To view the log file of the NFS-server, connect to the location via SSH and execute the command:

docker logs nfsd


The HTTP-server is installed on the location in the lweb container. The HTTP-server configuration file /etc/nginx/conf.d/dci-nginx.conf.

The log file of the HTTP-servers includes requests from the iPXE-loader and diagnostics template to the location. To view the log file, connect to the location via SSH and execute the command:

docker logs lweb

Requests from the HTTP-servers are passed to the /home/scripts/dci-fcgiwrap.py script in the lweb container. The script log is saved into the /var/log/fcgiwrap.log file. To view the log, go to the lweb container:

docker exec -it lweb sh


The TFTP-server is installed on the location. The files that will be passed to the server through TFTP are saved in the /var/lib/tftpboot/srv_id/ directory, where srv_id is the server id.

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