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Adding a PDU


To add a PDU, perform the following steps: 

  1. Go to EquipmentPDU → Add PDU
  2. Enter a PDU Name
  3. If the Inventory management module is installed in the platform:
    1. Specify PDU Type or model. You can enter a name or choose from previously added ones. 
    2. Choose or enter Ports number.

  4. Select a Handler:
    • APC PDU (SNMP) — a multi-purpose module for APC PDU management;
    • ATS PDU (SNMP) — a multi-purpose module for ATS PDU management;
    • RPCM PDU (SNMP) — a multi-purpose module for RPCM PDU management;
    • C3 Solutions PDU (SNMP) — a multi-purpose module for C3 Solutions PDU management.
  5. Enter the PDU IP address
  6. Select the Installation type into the rack: Horizontal or Vertical. Vertical PDUs don't occupy units in a rack.
  7. For horizontal PDU:
    1. Specify the PDU size in units. 
    2. Select a Rack and the Unit number where the PDU is located.
  8. Enter additional information in the Notes field. 
  9. Select an SNMP Version and its settings: 
    • specify Community (password) for SNMP v1 and SNMP v2;
    • for SNMP v3:
      1. specify a User.
      2. if you plan to use Authentication, select its method and enter the Authentication password. 
      3. if you plan to use the Encryption key, select its type and enter the Encryption password.
  10. If the Inventory management module is installed in the platform, you can specify the data for accounting in the warehouse:
    1. For equipment with a valid warranty, enable the Part under warranty option and specify the expiration date in the format "dd.mm.yyyy".
    2. Serial number.
    3. Delivery document number.
    4. Delivery date in the format "dd.mm.yyyy".
  11. Click on Add. DCImanager will start a new task to poll the PDU ports.
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