VMmanager uses the mail server to:

  • sending invitations to new users;
  • recover passwords for access to the platform;
  • send notifications about the status of virtual machines (VMs) and cluster nodes.

By default VMmanager uses ISPsystem mail server. To work with it, allow outgoing connections on ports 25/TCP and 465/TCP.

To connect a third-party mail server to VMmanager:

  1. In the right menu, click the icon → Mail configuration section.  
  2. Select a mail server you want to connect: 
    • Custom mail  — use a mailbox on your own server; 
    • Yandex Mail;
    • Mail.ru;
    • Gmail. 

      If you use Gmail or Yandex Mail, allow third-party clients to connect via SMTP in the settings of your mail service:

  3. If you connect your own server: 
    1. Enter the domain or public IP address of the Outgoing mail server;
    2. Enter the SMTP Port
    3. Enable the Use SSL option to activate the secure protocol. 
  4. If the server requires authorization:
    1. Enable the Authorization on the mail server option.
    2. Enter the mailbox name in the Login field.
    3. Enter the Password
  5. Enable the Send VM statuses to users option to send notifications about VMs statuses to users. Read more in the article Notifications.
  6. Click Save button to connect to the mail server.
  7. To check the connection settings, you can send a test email from a specified server. To do this, enter an Email address in the Test email box and click Send a test email button.

To restore the ISPsystem server settings, click Restore default settings button.

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