To make the server with VMmanager available via HTTPS protocol, you will need an SSL certificate. You can specify the certificate data when installing the platform or connect it later. To purchase an SSL certificate, contact any certificate issuing service or issue a free Let's Encrypt certificate. Read more about Let's Encrypt in the official documentation.

The platform supports only SSL certificates created using the RSA key.

Connection process

  1. Go to System information Connect the certificate.
  2. Enter any SSL certificate name. The certificate will be displayed in the VMmanager interface under this name.
  3. Copy the contents of the SSL certificate public key in pem, crt or cer format.
  4. If you use the SSL certificate chain, copy its contents. If the chain consists of two files, enter the intermediate certificate first and then the root certificate from the new paragraph and without a space.
  5. Copy the contents of Private key in key format.
  6. Press Add.

Example of addition

After entering the data, VMmanager checks if the private key corresponds to the certificate. If the check is successful, the certificate is connected to the server.

To change the connected certificate, go to System information Re-connect the certificate and enter the new certificate details.

Viewing certificate details

To view details of the connected certificate, go to System information SSL certificate and press the certificate name.

Certificate example