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VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is a system for remote access to a computer's desktop. VNC allows you to send keyboard keystrokes and mouse movements from one computer to another, and to relay screen content over a computer network.

VMmanager uses VNC to remotely manage virtual machines (VMs).

Connecting to a VM via VNC

You can connect to a VM:

Connecting from the VMmanager interface

Enter Virtual machines → select the VM → menu → VNC. The VM desktop opens in a new browser tab.

Connecting with a VNC client

To create a connection, you will need to specify the VNC server details: address, connection port and password. This data can be viewed in the virtual machine card: Virtual machines → select the VM → VNC settings tab.

Section interface

Connection example for RealVNC Viewer:

  1. Download and install the version of RealVNC VIewer for your operating system.
  2. Start RealVNC Viewer and create a connection to the VM:
    1. Enter FileNew connection.
    2. In the VNC Server field, enter the IP address and port of the VNC server, separated by a colon.
    3. In the Name field, enter an arbitrary name for the connection.
    4. Press OK.

  3. To connect to a VM, double-click the connection icon.
  4. If RealVNC VIewer displays a warning about an unsecured connection, press Continue.
  5. In the Password field, enter the password for the VNC server and press OK.

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