DCImanager Documentation

Integration with BILLmanager

BILLmanager (a billing system) is a multi-functional tool for providing and reselling hosting services, domain names, SSL-certificates, and XaaS. 

With BILLmanager, you can configure automatic provisioning of dedicated servers to your customers.

The billing system performs the following functions:

  • registers and bills customers; 
  • creates tariff plans; 
  • receives payments;  
  • automates service provisioning: activation, renewal, suspension. 

A customer orders a service in BILLmanager and the billing system sends the service activation API request to DCImanager. The service is considered active (its status in BILLmanager is “Active”) when the server preparation process is complete. This process may include the change of IP address from private to public, OS and recipe deployment. 

You need to set up the integration in BILLmanager. For more information please refer to Integration with DCImanager 5