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A license is required to use DCImanager. You can buy it in your client area at my.ispsystem.com or reseller company. The license has an expiry date and a limited number of devices to be connected. When purchasing a license, you can choose a free trial period of 30 days to learn about the features and test DCImanager.

Three days before the license expiry, DCImanager interface displays a message prompting to renew it. After renewing the license, you need to update the license information in DCImanager.

How to update the license information

Before expiry date

To update the license information, go to SettingsSystem overview Update license information.

After expiry date

After expiry of the license, DCImanager will be blocked.  Saved settings and equipment operation will not be affected, but management via DCImanager will no longer be available. To reactivate DCImanager, renew your license and click Update license information in the pop-up message about the blocking.

Limited number of devices

DCImanager license has a limit on the number of connected devices – servers, switches, PDUs. When this limit is reached, the ability to add servers and equipment will be blocked. To enable adding new equipment, delete the unused equipment or purchase a license with the ability to connect more devices.

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