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Web interface authentication


URL of the web interface

BILLmanager has a lot of features that can be managed through the web interface.

The URL address of the web interface is generated automatically. Once BILLmanager is installed, the URL address will be displayed in the console. A domain name that is used for the control panel URL can be changed. Read more about Control panel URL configuration. 

URL of the web interface consists of the following elements:



Connection protocolhttps://



External IP address

BILLmanager index page/billmgr

A Domain is a domain name connected to the public IP-address of the server where the control panel is installed. 

An External IP-address is public IP-address which identifies your server on the Internet.

Example of the page URL:

Web-interface URL

The web interface is available for connection through two ports: 443 and 1500. If you faced difficulties when connecting through standard (443) port, you can use the other port (1500): 

Web-interface URL. Port 1500


For automatic authorization, you need to use your superuser account (root account by default) and password for this account. 



root<root password>

Authorization page in the web interface:


BILLmanager uses the multi-level authorization system (superuser, administrator, client, etc.). Each level differs in functions and goals. Your current authorization level is displayed in the upper right corner of the page:

There are two levels available after you have entered the interface for the first time:



Administrator account

Superuser account

Operations concerning the provisioning of services are available from an administrator account.

The superuser account is only used for the configuration of the automatic update process.


Every time you authorize as superuser (root by default) you also login in administrator account automatically


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