BILLmanager Documentation

Document EJS-templates

Every financial operation in BILLmanager, the billing system generates an electronic document which contains information about the operation and company data.

BILLmanager can generate the following documents:

  • contracts;
  • envelopes;
  • invoices;
  • acts of delivery and acceptance; 
  • service agreements.

The system generates documents automatically when a user clicks the Print button. A printing form of a document is based on EJS-templates. The system performs the following operations to generate a printing form of a document: 

  1. Generates an XML-file (a source file) when you click Print a document.
  2. Generates a list of available document templates. 
  3. Applies a base printing template. The base template defines text formatting parameters that will be applied to the document (defines the formatting styles). 
  4. Applies the resulting document template. 

Navigate to Settings Document templates. If a base template is not present, the billing system will apply a standard base template. 


A base template defines general styles and is used when printing the documents. Please note that after you have changed the base template, information in the document templates may be displayed incorrectly.

Source file

source code is an XML-file with information that will be used when printing a document. To view the source file, open the printing form of the document and in the address bar change the output format using the out parameter: 

  • "out=doc_print" — a printing form of a document;
  • "out=xml" — source XML-file. 

E.g., you can open the printing form by this URL:

Therefore, the source XML-file will be accessible at:


Source data for the document can be stored in the billing system log file /usr/local/mgr5/var/billmgr.log. To do so, set the maximum logging level for the module "Document flow (billmgr.docflow)": SettingsLogging settings → select Document flow ( (billmgr.docflow)Maximum.