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Spambot protection (reCAPTCHA)


reCAPTCHA is a spambot protection mechanism. In BILLmanager reCAPTCHA analyses user behavior on the registration form. If it thinks you are not a human, you will be offered to pass through an image verification. The billing system supports two variants of protection:

  • reCAPTCHA — the "I'm not a robot" checkbox on the registration form. Requests will be verified after a user clicks the checkbox; 
  • invisible reCAPTCHA — a background service. The validation process is running while a user is filling out the registration form. This option is available only in  BILLmanager 6. 

Configuring reCAPTCHA

Navigate to Provider Global settings → open the Registration form settings tab:

Enter the following parameters:


Be very attentive when entering the Key and Secret key. If you enter an invalid Key, reCAPTCHA won't be displayed. Entering an invalid Secret key will give the error that reCAPTHA validation failed.  

In BILLmanager Corporate you can configure reCAPTCHA for every service provider. Navigate to Provider Providers Edit:


reCAPTCHA settings specified in the provider configuration form have higher priority than those in the Global settings section.

If you select "global settings" in the reCAPTCHA field,  the parameters set in the global settings form of the control panel will be applied for the selected provider. 

Operations via API

If you have set up reCAPCTHA, you cannot order services via API BILLmanager. Accessing the billing system via API will give the error that reCAPTHA validation failed.  

To integrate BILLmanager with a website with reCAPTCHA, add a script into the website header (inside the <head> tag) and use the same keys as for the billing system configuration. Learn more in the article Integration with a website with reCAPTCHA

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