BILLmanager Documentation

GeoIP module

The GeoIP module defines a country from which a user logs in to BILLmanager. When he logs in from a different country, BILLmanager sends the corresponding notification and asks to confirm the login attempt.  BILLmanager uses the notification templates Email notification on Login and Confirm the email for GeoIP and login notifications. For more information please refer to the article Message templates


If you have disabled the GeoIP module, the notifications won't be sent.

To enable GeoIP:

  1. Log in to the control panel as root.
  2. Go to Settings Email notifications
  3. Select a Mail server type. Learn more in Configuring a mail server.
  4. Enable the option GeoIP notifications.
  5. Log in to the control panel as a user.
  6. Go to SettingsProfile settings Notification settings.
  7. Enter the Email for notifications.
  8. Enable GeoIP notifications.


Confirm your email to be able to receive GeoIP notifications.

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