VMmanager 5 OVZ Documentation

Create a virtual machine template


Virtual machines are created on cluster nodes based on pre-defined templates of virtual machines (VM templates).

To create a VM template navigate to Cluster settings→ VM templates→ Add

  • Name — enter the name for the template;
  • RAM — in MiB;
  • Swap/Ram ratio —  the ratio between Swap and RAM in %. The recommended value is 200%; swap is twice as large as RAM; 
  • CPU —  enter the number of processors that will be available to the container.
  • CPU frequency —  enter the CPU frequency in MHz. The larger the weight is, the more CPU will be allocated to a container. Possible values: 8–500000;
  • Main disk size —   MiB.
  • File descriptors —    the maximum number of open file descriptors;
  • Processes —     the maximum number of simultaneously running processes;
  • Incoming traffic, KiB/sec — the maximum amount of incoming traffic;
  • Outgoing traffic, KiB/sec — the maximum amount of outgoing traffic;
  • Snapshots limit —  the maximum amount of snapshots. 
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