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Integration with IPmanager


IPmanager is a control panel for IP address management. It works in combination with other ISPsystem products such as ISPmanager, BILLmanager, VMmanager, and DCImanager as a centralized base of IP addresses.

IPmanager is able to:

  • help avoid situations when one and the same IP address is assigned twice;
  • install and set up a domain name server that will manage PTR records. Read more in DNS resource records.

The control panel administrator can assign unique permissions to use IP groups and ranges to any user account. 

For more information on how to install IPmanager please refer to the article Setup and configuration.

Integration in VMmanager

Go to Integration → IPmanager: 

  • Integration with IPmanager — select the checkbox to allocate IP addresses to dedicated servers from IPmanager. Otherwise, the IP addresses will be allocated from the  IP pool in VMmanager → Settings→ IP address pool;
  • IPmanager URL —  a full URL to IPmanager; 
  • Username  — the user in IPmanager. His credentials will be used for integration.  You must create the account in IPmanager before you integrate it with VMmanager; 
  • Password — enter the IPmanager user password. 

Pool of IP addresses 

Some functions and additional modules in VMmanager use several types of IP addresses. Every type means a group of IP addresses created in IPmanager. You can manage IP groups in Settings → IP address group:

To use IP addresses from a certain group, you must grant the corresponding permissions to the user account which is used for integration with  VMmanager. Log in to IPmanager as Admin and navigate to Dashboard → Users → Permissions.

The empty permission list means that the selected user cannot use IP ranges. 

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