Two license types exist for VMmanager: trial and commercial. The trial license expires in 30 days. After expiry of the trial version, VMmanager will prompt to activate a commercial license to continue.

The procedure of VMmanager license change depends on whether the license token value has changed. If you are moving from trial version to commercial version purchased through the client area, the token will not change. In all remaining cases, the token value will change. For example, if you have purchased a license from an ISPsystem licenses reseller.

If the license token remains the same

After expiry of the trial license, a notice prompting to activate a commercial license will appear in VMmanager interface. After purchasing a commercial license, go to  System information Update the license to activate it.

If the license token has changed

  1. Connect to VMmanager via SSH protocol with superuser permission (the default level is root).
  2. In the configuration file /opt/ispsystem/vm/config.json specify the new license token value in LicenseToken.

    Example of config.json

  3. Enter commands to re-create vm_auth_back_1 container:

    docker stop vm_auth_back_1
    docker rm -f vm_auth_back_1
    vm start
  4. To check license installation status, enter:

    docker exec -it vm_auth_back_1 env | grep TOKEN

    In case of successful license change, the response will be in the form: LICENSE_AUTH_TOKEN=aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb — new value of the license token.

  5. In VMmanager interface, go to System information Update the license.