VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Specifics of VM running on Windows


VMmanager does not support some operations with virtual machines that run Windows. 

The control can perform the following functions: 

  • VNC and RDP; 
  • keep track of current VM status;
  • collect resource usage statistics; 
  • change VM resources; 
  • create VM image and recover from the image;
  • install and reinstall Windows; 
  • suspend, start, and restart virtual machines; 
  • migrate virtual machines between cluster nodes;
  • start scripts; 
  • change the VM password. You can change your password through the interface or recovery mode. Read more in How to reset password on a Windows VM?.

The platform does not: 

  • clone VM; 
  • create virtual machines from images; 
  • automatically configure the network on Windows. VMmanager allocates an IP-address for the virtual machine but doesn't modify the settings on Windows. You need to specify network settings manually.
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