VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Monitoring of virtual machines

VMmanager receives information about resources consumed by a virtual machine. This data is available in Virtual machines → open the page of your virtual machine → Information tab. Also, you can see it in details on the tab Statistics → select a period and a resource type:

  • CPU load;
  • RAM consumed;
  • Storage consumed.

In order to be able to get information about resources, VMmanager installs the special monitoring system on a virtual machine and adds its own SSH key to /root/.ssh/authorized_keys. Read more about SSH keys in the article SSH-protocol. If you delete this monitoring system from a virtual machine, then VMmanager will not be able to show any statistics to you. If you have deleted the monitoring system but you would like to install it again, go to Virtual machines → open the page of your virtual machine → tab Information → Install monitoring program. If you delete the SSH key of VMmanager from a virtual machine, then statistics will not be shown and it won't be possible to execute such operation as the password change, launch any script, add or delete IP addresses.