VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Use a template

User or custom templates help you create a new virtual machine from a premade disk template. You can create new templates from any active virtual machine. Read more in Create a new disk template.

Create a new virtual machine:

  1. Go to Virtual machines → Create a VM→ User images and select a template or go to Templates → User images → menu→ Create a VM from the image.
  2. If you'd like to edit the configuration, please specify:
    • vCPU (number of processors) in units;
    • RAM in Mb;
    • Storage in Mb.
  3. Select a Pool of IP addresses that will be allocated to the virtual machine. If you are creating a VM in a cluster with two network interfaces, select the Pool for the main network and/or the Pool for the additional network separately. Read more in Main and additional network.
  4. Enter the Number of VM. Click on Edit or Generate to edit virtual machine names or generate new names automatically;
  5. Select an Owner of the virtual machine. 
  6. Set a password for access to the VM. Click on Generate for an automatically generated password.
  7. Click on Add.