There are different user roles in VMmanager with different access permissions to the platform functions:

  • administrator — this user is created automatically during the installation process. He can use all functions; 
  • advanced user — this user is created by a VMmanager administrator and can use extended functions for managing virtual machines and IP addresses;
  • user — this user is created by a VMmanager administrator and can use only basic functions for managing VM;
  • administrator with "read-only" access (admin.readonly) — this user is created by a VMmanager administrator. All functions are available in read-only mode. For more information, see the article Creating the admin.readonly user.

A list of available functions:


User levels
AdministratorAdvanced userUser


Platform settings

Accounts management

Tasks list management


Creation, modification, deletion of cluster nodes

Cluster storage management


Address space configuration (physical networks, pools, IP addresses)

Virtual network management (VxLAN)

Virtual machines

Creation of virtual machines based on recommended configurations

Creation of virtual machines based on user images

Start, stop, reboot VMs

Reinstalling the OS on VMs

Change password on VM

Changing VM resources

Connecting to a VM via VNC and SPICE

VM cloning

Creating VM snapshots

Creating virtual machine backups

Enabling and disabling recovery mode

Connecting ISO images

Deleting virtual machines

Migration of virtual machines

Adding, removing IP addresses from physical networks

Adding, removing IP addresses from virtual networks

VM disks

Connecting and disconnecting additional disks to VM

Changing the priority of VM disk loading

Creating additional VM disks     





Creating, modifying, deleting scripts, running scripts on VMs


Creating VM images

Creating, modifying, deleting virtual machine configurations

Managing guest OS templates




ISO image management




VM configuration management




Managing repositories of OS templates and ISO images




Users can create backup copies of VMs if the platform has integration with BILLmanager configured. Read more in the article Creating backups manually.