The platform administrator can perform various operations on other users' accounts:

  • authorize with user rights;
  • change a role;
  • add or remove from a group. For more information about groups, see Restricting user access to the platform;
  • change password. Available for user and advanced user accounts only;
  • block; 

    A blocked user will not be able to access VMmanager. Their virtual machines will be stopped. The blocked user's account can be unblocked later.

  • delete. 

    The deleted user will not be able to access VMmanager. The user account is deleted with no possibility of recovery.

    Deleting a user is not available if the user is the owner of virtual machines.

To perform operations on the account, go to Users → select user → menu.

Possible actions:

  • Log in as user — log in to the platform with user rights. To log out of a user account, click the user icon in the upper right corner → Go back to (your account);
  • Change role in system select the new role and click Save button;
  • Add to group select groups and click Add button;
  • Delete from group — select groups and click Delete button;
  • Edit password enter or generate the new password and click Edit button;
  • Block — to confirm the blocking, click Block button;
  • Delete — to confirm the deletion, click Delete button.