You can restrict running a script on virtual machines (VMs). For example, allow it to run only on VMs with a certain operating system or configuration.

To set the restrictions, specify the necessary filters when creating or editing the script settings. If the VM does not meet the conditions of the filter, the script will not run on it.

Filter parameters

You can set a filter by:

  • OS template tags (mandatory parameter);
  • VM configuration name;
  • cluster name;
  • vCPU count;
  • RAM size;
  • Storage volume.

The script will be available to run on a VM if it meets all the specified conditions.

Setting up filters

The filter syntax is described in Using filters.

Examples of filters

Run the script on a CentOS VM with at least 2 GB of RAM


Run the script on CentOS VMs in clusters with prefix of VDC42 and with orion or sirius configuration