IP pools group ranges of IP addresses. They can be designated as public and private IP addresses.  You can allow using only certain IPs on the cluster nodes. 

Creating an IP pool

To create an IP pool: 

  1. Go to Networks → IP pools → Create a pool.
  2. Enter a Pool name. 
  3. Specify the IP range of the pool.  You can enter a single IP address (""), a mask ("") or a range  ("").
  4. Enable the pool on the cluster nodes. If the cluster uses two network interfaces, specify whether the pool belongs to the Main or the Additional network.
  5. Enter Notes, if needed. They will be displayed in the list of IP pools.
  6. To create a physical network that the range for the pool is allocated from:
    1. Enable the option Create a physical network.
    2. Enter a Network in the following format <network IP address>/<network mask prefix>. E.g. "".
    3. Enter a Gateway 
  7. Click on Create

Reserving an IP address

You can reserve individual IP addresses or subnets in the pool. VMmanager will not use these addresses when assigning IP addresses to VMs.

To reserve an IP address or subnet, go to the NetworksIP pools → select a pool → Allocate IP address:

  1. Select the address type if the pool contains both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  2. Choose the IP address or Subnet.
  3. Select the IPv4 network or the IPv6 network, from which the IP address will be reserved. You can select reserving an IP address from any network. In this case, the IP address will be selected randomly.
  4. Select the Subnet mask if you need to allocate a subnet.
  5. Specify the Domain.
  6. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the  option.
  7. Specify the discretionary Note.
  8. Press Allocate IP or Allocate subnet.

Example of the subnet reserving