A physical network consists of many IP addresses and includes all the IP addresses from the first IP to the last one. A network has an address and a mask. E.g., where is the network IP address; /24 is the mask prefix. Such network includes all the IPs from to192.168.0.254. Usually, one of the network IP addresses is a gateway for others. A gateway is an address that receives and sends data over the Internet. 

In clusters with the IP fabric network configuration type, you can use the gateway address, the network address and the broadcast address to assign to devices.

Creating a physical network

To create a physical network: 

  1. Go to Networks → Physical networks → Create a network.
  2. Enable the Do not use service IP addresses option to allow VMmanager to assign all network addresses to devices.


    This option works only in clusters with the IP-fabric network configuration type.

  3. Enter a Network in the following format <network IP address>/<network mask prefix>. E.g. "".
  4. Enter a Gateway 


    If necessary, you can use an address from a different subnet as a gateway. Read more in How to add a physical network with a gateway from another subnet?

  5. To create an IP pool:
    1. Select the Create an IP pool and range checkbox. 
    2. Enter a Pool name. 
    3. Specify the IP range from the network that can be used for the pool.  You can enter a single IP address (""), a mask ("") or a range  ("").
    4. Enable the pool on the cluster nodes. If the cluster uses two network interfaces, specify whether the pool belongs to the Main or the Additional network.
  6. Click on Create

Internal traffic accounting

You can specify clusters for which network traffic will be considered internal. Internal traffic is not counted in connected billing systems. The option is available only for clusters with the "IP-fabric" network configuration type.

To select clusters:

  1. Go to NetworksPhysical networks → select the network → Network parameters.
  2. Select Clusters with excluded traffic.
  3. Press Save.

Reserving IP addresses

You can reserve individual IP addresses in the network. VMmanager will not use these addresses when assigning IP addresses to VMs. 

To reserve an IP address, enter Networks → select the network → Allocate IP address: 

  1. Specify the IP address or subnet.
  2. Specify the Domain.
  3. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the Protect the IP address from accidental deletion option.
  4. Specify a discretionary Note.
  5. Press Apply.

Managing IP addresses

To view all IP addresses used, enter NetworksIP addresses. You can filter the list of addresses on this tab by IP address, physical network or node status. In the Note column, you can add a comment to the IP address.

History of actions in the network

To view the history of actions, go to the Networks → click on the name of the network → History. The history page displays information about:

  • adding and removing IP addresses;
  • changing the domain name for the IP address.