To manage individual IP addresses, enter NetworksIP addresses. In this section, you may:

  • view the IP address details;
  • change the IP address settings;
  • reserve an IP address.

Viewing the IP address details

In the list of IP addresses you can see which network the address belongs to, its domain name and status. To filter the information in the list, press  in the required column.

Section interface

Possible IP address statuses:

  • Allocated — the address is automatically allocated;
  • Special — reserved address or network gateway;
  • Service — network or broadcast address;
  • Blocked by DNSBL — the address is found in one of the DNSBLs;
  • Checking — platform is checking for an address in the DNSBL.

Abbreviation rules are used to display IPv6 addresses:

  1. The leading zeros in each segment are removed. For example, segment 00ab is shortened to ab, segment 0000 is shortened to 0.
  2. The longest sequence of zero segments is replaced by two colons. For example, the IP address 2a0c:0000:0000:1201:0000:0000:0000:0000 is displayed as 2a0c:0:0:1201::

Changing the IP address settings

To change the settings, enter the menu → Settings:

  1. Specify the Domain name.
  2. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the option.
  3. Specify the discretionary Note.
  4. Press Apply.

Reserving an IP address

You can reserve individual IP addresses or subnets in the network. Platform will not assign these addresses to VMs.

To reserve an IP address or subnet:

  1. Press Allocate IP address.
  2. Choose the source of the IP address: From pool or From network.

  3. If you need to allocate an IP address from a pool:
    1. Select the IP pool.
    2. Select the address type if the pool contains both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    3. Select what to reserve: the IP address or the Subnet.
    4. Select the IPv4 network or the IPv6 network, from which the IP address will be reserved. You can select reserving an IP address from any network. In this case, the IP address will be selected randomly.
    5. Select the Subnet mask if you need to allocate a subnet.
    6. Specify the Domain name.
    7. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the  option.
    8. Specify the discretionary Note.
    9. Press Allocate IP address or Allocate subnet.
  4. If you need to allocate an IP address from a network:
    1. Select the Physical network.
    2. Select the IP address or subnet.
    3. Specify the Domain name.
    4. To prevent the IP address from being deleted, enable the Protect the IP address from accidental deletion option.
    5. Specify the discretionary Note.
    6. Press Allocate IP address.

Example of the subnet reserving

The reserved IP address gets the status "Special". To release a reserved IP address, on the address line, click Deallocate.