IP pools group ranges of IP addresses. They can be designated as public and private IP addresses.  You can allow using only certain IPs on the cluster nodes. 

To add a range into the pool: 

  1. Go to Networks  IP pools  menu   Create a range or open the pool page → Create a range. 
  2. Specify the IP range of the pool.  You can enter a single IP address (""), a mask ("") or a range  ("").
  3. To create a physical network that the range for the pool is allocated from:
    1. Enable the option Create a physical network.
    2. Enter a Network in the following format <network IP address>/<network mask prefix>. E.g. "".
    3. Enter a Gateway 
  4. Click on Create


To add IP addresses for a cluster node with the "Routing" network configuration type, go to Nodes → host name → IP addresses → select IPv4 or IPv6Add an IP Address.