You can use the Telegram messenger to receive status notifications for virtual machines and cluster nodes. VMmanager uses a Telegram bot to send notifications.

To configure sending notifications to Telegram:

  1. Create a Telegram bot.
  2. Connect the bot to VMmanager.
  3. Add Telegram as the notification channel.

Configuration on Telegram side

  1. Open the chat with @BotFather.
  2. Send the command /newbot.
  3. Enter the bot name. E.g. VMmanager Notifier
  4. Enter the bot user name. It must finish with “bot”. E.g., vmnotifybot.
  5. Save the token value from the response.
  6. Add the bot to the Telegram group for notifications.


    In order for the bot to send messages to a Telegram user, the user must open the chat with the bot and press Start.

Example of creating a bot

Configuration on VMmanager side

Connecting the bot

  1. Enter MessengersConnect a messenger.
  2. Insert the Bot token.
  3. Press Activate.
  4. Select the required chats for sending notifications.
  5. Select the Messages language.
  6. Press Save.

To change the bot settings, press  → enter the Bot tokenSave.

To delete a connected bot, press  Delete the botDelete.

Example of deleting a bot

Managing channels

In Messengers you can manage channels to which the bot will send notifications. Channels may include groups and individual Telegram users.

To add a channel:

  1. Press Add channel.
  2. Select the Messages language.
  3. Specify the discretionary Channel name.
  4. Select the channel from the list or Enter the chat ID.
  5. Specify the discretionary Comment for the channel.
  6. Press Add.

Press  to edit the channel settings.

Press   to enable/disable notifications to the channel.

Press   to delete the channel.

Messengers section of the interface

Adding a channel to notification

To use Telegram as the notification channel:

  1. Enter the Notifications center: Notification settings.
  2. Press the notification name.
  3. Select channels in To the messengers' channels field
  4. Press Save.

Read more about managing notifications in Notifications.

Adding a notification channel

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