VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Server requirements

Hardware requirements

A server must be physical or virtual based on KVM virtualization.

A server has to meet the following requirements:

RAM2 Gb4 Gb
Disk space40 Gb40 Gb


The more virtual machines will be created on the server, the more RAM will be consumed.

System requirement

Operating system — CentOS 7 x64 or CentOS 8 x64. Install the platform on a fresh installation of the operating system without third-party repositories and additional services. 

Network settings

Allow incoming connections to ports:

  • 22/tcp — SSH service. This port must be available to all cluster nodes and, if necessary, for the public network;
  • 5900-6900/tcp — QEMU VNC. If access to VNC is only provided through the server with VMmanager, the range of ports must be open for the network integrating the cluster nodes;
  • 16514/tcp — libvirt virtual machines management service;
  • 49152-49261/tcp — libvirt migration services;
  • 443/tcp — HTTPS.


We do not recommend disabling the firewalld service. Disabling the service can lead to malfunctioning of the platform.

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