VMmanager 6: Administrator guide

Mail server configuration


When a long time operation is completed VMmanager will send a notification to the user's email. E.g. after his virtual machine is created successfully. Email is also used for inviting new users to VMmanager. To send emails, you need to connect a remote mail server to the platform.

To connect a mail server:

  1. Go to Settings VMmanager settingsMail settings. 
  2. Select a mail server you want to connect: 
    • My mail  — use a mailbox on your own server; 
    • Yandex.Mail — use a mailbox of Yandex.Mail;
    • Mail.ru — use a mailbox of Mail.ru;
    • Google — use a mailbox of Google.
  3. If you connect your own server: 
    1. Enter the domain or public IP address of the Outgoing mail server;
    2. Enter the SMTP Port
    3. Enable the Use SSL option to activate the secure protocol. 
  4. Enter the mailbox name in the Login field and its Password
  5. Enable the Send VM statuses to users option to send notifications about VMs statuses to users. Read more in the article Notifications.
  6. Click on Save to connect to the mail server.

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