Information about the virtual machines (VM) and other objects of the platform is presented in the form of tables. The tables contain brief information about the objectes. You can view detailed information and make changes to the settings in the object card.

View setup

Platform tables have two types of view — full and compact. To select the view and columns displayed in the table, press .

Example of setup

Sorting and filters

To sort the information in the table by column, click on the header of that column. If the column contains more than one parameter, the platform will offer the choice of the parameter to sort by. For example, the IP address column allows you to sort VMs by their IP addresses or domains. 

Example of sorting

You can customize the display of information in the tables according to a given filter. To enter the filter conditions, press in the header of the column with the required parameter. Read more in Using filters.

Operations with objects

To perform an operation on a platform object, press in the object line and select the necessary operation. These actions are also available from the object card.


VM operations menu

Object card

The card displays detailed information about the object, its settings and history. To enter the card, click on the name of the object in the table.

VM card interface