Swagger is an interactive shell for exploring the work of API. With Swagger, you can generate a request for an API function of the platform and check how that function works.

To open Swagger, in the right-hand menu press Swagger:

Entering the Swagger interface

Swagger contains the description of API for VMmanager, IPmanager 6 and the authorization service. To switch between them, select the required section in the Select a definition field:

  • vm — VMmanager API;
  • ipmgr — IPmanager 6 API;
  • auth — authorization service API.

Selecting a section

Execute API requests


API requests are executed with real platform objects. Before executing the query, make sure that the actions you perform will not interfere with VMmanager.

To execute a request:

  1. Select the required function and press Try it out.
  2. Enter the required parameters and the request body and press Execute.

After the request has been executed, the Responses section displays the request format for the curl utility and the server response.

Section interface

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